Announcement! We have changed the name of our Friday Events to Friday Features because we're happy to say that we will be organizing separate weekly Java Jams specifically for jamming only! More information and updates coming soon!


March 10th @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Greyhound Dream

March 11th @ 7:30pm

Dreams Featuring Keturah

March 16th @ 7pm

Guitar Workshop w/ PEPPINO D'AGOSTINO 

March 17th @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Tim Larson

March 18th @ 7pm
Traditional Irish Music w/ Greg and Friends

March 19th @ 3pm

Groove Factory Workshop part 1 w/ Dan Moretti

March 24th @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Mother Superior and the Bad Habit

March 25th @ 5:30pm

Monthly Open Mic/Potluck

March 26th @ 3pm

Groove Factory Workshop Part 2 w/ Dan Moretti 

March 31st @ 7:30pm

Jeremy Kittel Band

April 1st @ 7pm

URI Big Jazz Band

April 2nd @ 6pm

​Dan Moretti Quartet

April 7th @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Occasional String Band

April 8th @ 7:30pm

Roosevelt Dime

April 14th @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Saddle Up The Chicken

April 21st @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Natalie Paige

April 28 @ 6pm
Java Jam Featuring URI Big Jazz Band

May 5 @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ Occasional String Band

May 12 @ 7pm

Friday Feature w/ ​Dave Flammand


Pump House Music Works is a non-profit organization driven to cultivate culture and creativity in arts and music. Here, provide the public with music, shows, exhibitions, workshops, community activities, and event space within the historic Pump House of Peacedale, RI. We exist to collaborate, network and facilitate connections within the arts community.

atmosphere & ambience


Join us for a variety of events within the beautiful stone walls of the Pump House! We strive to bring the community entertainment in a warm and intimate atmosphere! Check out what we've got coming up! 

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