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Workshop with Francisco Pias: “A Creative Approach to Guitar and Composition: how you can develop your own musical world by writing your own music”

Join internationally renowned guitarist, composer, bandleader, performing artist and educator, Francisco Pais for this interactive guitar workshop. Two sessions of creative music workshops for students that want to take their playing to the next level. Students will jam with each other and will be encouraged to write some original compositions in a fun and empowering environment. These workshops are for guitar players of all levels but other instruments are welcome!

Session One “The basics”
April 30th 2-4:30 PM
What to play? Playing time and changes using chords, modes and arpeggios in order to improvise in any style.

Session Two “Imitate, Assimilate and Innovate”
May 7th 2-4:30 PM
The next step – How to play it? Using dynamics, articulation, motive development and rhythmic displacement.

Workshop package - $90 (or $50 individually)

Francisco Pais Workshop